Creative Mix Media Art (CMMA) Lesson Packages

Art Foundation (AF), Pottery Art (PA) or Canvas Painting Art (CPA) Lesson Packages

  1. *Grace Period refers to a date range set for the validity of any services, lessons, classes or workshops.

  2. *w/ 45 Consecutive Attendance refers to 45 attendance without any absence per week, every week and in the event of absence of any particular lesson, the lesson is made up for and attended on another day.

  3. *Grace Period w/ 45 Consecutive Attendance refers to the extension of grace period rewarded when 45 consecutive attendance have been met.

  4. *Lowest Fees Per Lesson w/ 45 Consecutive Attendance refers to  a calculated per Lesson Credit rate  based on a total of 45 consecutive attendance, with an addition of 6 free Lesson Credits rewarded. Thus, a total of 51 lessons is used to divide by the total fees paid for 45 Lesson Credits and achieving a rate lower than the usual per Lesson Credit rate of the Lesson Package.

  5. *For the sharing among siblings, the allocation of Lesson Credits must be specified respectively to each respective Artistori Family Member with a specified Grace Period pro-rated accordingly.



Artistori encourages children to complete projects because to them, it's their work and it's important to them. Missing a lesson will miss certain steps to a project. Thus, this consecutive attendance rewards hopes to encourage consecutive attendance. To be eligible for this reward, a child's attendance must be consecutive, meaning attendance every week and if absent, a make up lesson must be arranged and attended.

•   Accumulate to 15 Consecutive Attendances and be rewarded with 1 free Lesson Credit, extending the existing Grace Period by 1 week.

•   Accumulate to 30 Consecutive Attendances and be rewarded with additional 2 free Lesson Credits, extending the existing Grace Period by 2 weeks.

•   Accumulate to 45 Consecutive Attendances and be rewarded with additional 3 Lesson Credits, extending the existing Grace Period by 3 weeks.

A total of 6 free Lesson Credits will be rewarded with 45 Consecutive Attendances.
Reaching 45 Consecutive Attendances will reset Consecutive Attendance to 0.


Get a 10% discount on 10 Lessons Package when you introduce another child to become our Artistori Family Member by signing up for at least 5 Lessons Package. Your friend’s child shall be entitled a free trial and with a one-time 10% discount on 10 Lessons Package too!

Find out more about our packages and privileges here!


Our 40 Lessons Package can be shared amongst direct siblings. Meaning if you have multiple children, you can purchase a 40 Lessons Package and divide the lesson credits amongst them. 

Terms and conditions apply.


Artistori Family Members gets 50% discounts for our skill-based single session art workshops. Discounts are non transferable.

Check out our Art workshops here!


Artistori Family Members get discounts for workshops where discounts will be stated in the holiday workshop pricing. Discounts are not transferrable to other Artistori Family Members or other persons.


Artistori Family Members can host birthday workshops in Artistori. Birthday Workshops can be canvas paintings based on a theme chosen by the birthday girl/boy. The minimum number of persons for a birthday workshop is 8 children. Birthday workshops are charged by per person and Artistori Family Members and direct siblings are not charged whereas invited friends are charged. For charges, timings and arrangements, please inquire with our creative art teachers here.


Parents of Artistori Family Members can enjoy free Art Jamming Sessions everyday from Tuesdays to Fridays, 4pm to 8pm. This is non-transferrable. Canvases must be bought from Artistori in order to participate in Art Jamming Sessions. For weekends and other timeslots, Art Jamming Sessions are chargeable.


Find out more about Art Jamming here.

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